Hot Air Tool Kit

This tool kit is a step above the competition. It includes everything you need to weld right in the box. Roller, nozzles and even a spare heat element. The Calenta has a high air flow rate, a no roll grip, and is built for the most rugged industrial use.

Includes: Case, 40mm Nozzle, 20mm Nozzle, Spare Heat Element and Roller.



Model Number: ZTR-C100

Power: 230V, 1600W, 7A

Power Option: 120V, 1600W, 13.3A

Air Temp: 68-1200ºF, 20-650ºC (adjustable)

Air Flow: 180L/min

Noise: ≤65db

Weight: 2.5lbs, 1.05kg

Material: EVA, PE, PP, PVC, PVDF, TPO,
Single Ply Roofing Membrane, Thermoplastics