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Wedge Welder

The Pacaya is small and powerful with the ability to smoothly weld even the thinnest material. It has a single motion wedge and pressure roller engagement. It's bronze alloy wedge will weld both HDPE and RPP. It is perfect for geomembranes, tarpins and geotextiles. It ships with both a split bronze alloy wedge and a solid aluminum wedge.

Includes: Case, Spare Wedge Assembly, Spare Nip Rollers and Adjustment Tools.



Model Number: ZTG-P110

Power: 230V, 800W, 3.4A, 50/60Hz

Power Option: 120V, 800W, 6.6A, 50/60Hz

Welding Speed: 1-20ft/min, 0.5-6m/min (adjustable)

Welding Temp: 0-850ºF, 0-450ºC (adjustable)

Material Thickness: 7-40mil, 0.2-1mm

Overlap Width: 4in,10cm 5in,12cm 8in, 20cm

Welded Seam Width: 1.5in, 40mm (with or without air channel)

Weight: 11lbs, 5kg 12lbs, 5.5kg 13lbs, 6kg

Digital Display: Optional

Wedge Material: Bronze Alloy, or Aluminum

Material: EVA, HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, RPP, Geotextile, and PVC with Aluminum Wedge 

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