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Wedge Welder

The Socorro is a lightweight compact industrial designed wedge welder. It features a single-motion wedge and pressure roller engagement, as well as a bronze alloy wedge that can weld both HDPE and RPP. It will also weld PVC with the included aluminium wedge. The Socorro has spring loaded contour rollers and an advanced pressure regulation structure. Also available in Prayer Seam Design.

Includes: Spare Wedge and Cartridge Heater Assembly, Case, Tools.

socorro-angle-960 (1).jpg


Model Number: ZTG-S200

Power: 230V,1200W, 5.2A, 50/60Hz

Power Option: 120V, 1200W, 10A, 50/60Hz


Welding Speed: 1-30ft/min, 0.5-10m/min


Welding Temp: 0-850ºF, 0-450ºC (adjustable)

Material Thickness: 10-80mil, 0.2-2mm

Overlap Width: 4.5in, 12cm

Welded Seam Width: 2in, 50mm (with or     

without air channel)

Weight: 17lbs, 7.5kg

Seam Type: Overlap or Prayer seam

Digital Display: Temperature and Speed

Wedge Material: Bronze Alloy

Material: EVA, HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, RPP, All thermal plastics, and PVC with aluminum wedge

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